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August 13, 2010

With brilliant and careful design, your medical practice’s website can sometimes market itself – with a strong presence in the community, having an attractive and organized site can draw patients to your webpage through word-of-mouth and into your office through the webpage’s professionalism and aesthetics.  Ease of use, convenience, and impressive online technology are also key to growing your patient base.

With a design package from Medical Web Experts, your practice can enjoy custom website design, physician marketing services, and innovative technology like EMR-integrated Patient Portal software at an affordable rate.  While modern and search-engine friendly design attracts new patients, features like Patient Portal – which allows patients to securely log and message their physician, request appointments and refills, and view their medical records online – will, by convenience and modernity alone, make your practice convenient enough to be an obvious choice.

Medical Web Experts also offer physician practice marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, online directories, and pay-per-click advertising to increase your practice’s presence on the web and in your city.  For more information on services and pricing, visit them on the web.

Posted By Marie
August 11, 2010

Having a website for your medical practice is essential for recognition – from both your patients and the medical community.  Having an efficient, well-designed site that tops the search engines, however, is the key element in increasing a practice’s visibility and attracting new patients.

As the majority of medical professionals and their business associates simply do not have time to arrange, write, and design a website, hiring a healthcare web design firm is an excellent option – simple, effective, and often quite economical – and, upon careful selection of a website designer, you can afford yourself and your practice a variety of internet marketing options, patient resources, and cutting-edge software to increase your internet visibility.

Healthcare website design gurus Medical Web Experts, acclaimed for outstanding marketing results at extremely affordable rates, provide a multitude of internet marketing services on top of their design packages – clients can choose to increase their internet visibility and optimize their site with:

  • Specialty-specific patient resources, such as text, videos, and patient forms for your practice
  • Custom EMR-integrated Patient Portal software, allowing patients to log in and communicate with their physician or view their medical records online
  • Flash-based site designs
  • Custom content writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Maps integration
  • And more.

Developing a website brings your practice to the web, but only internet marketing services and packages from Medical Web Experts will bring potential patients to your website.  Please visit them online for more information on their web optimization services.

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July 5, 2010

It’s almost a common joke today to wonder how we ever lived without computers.  Think about all our daily activities, errands, and tasks simplified by login portals on the internet.  What if you still had to report to the bank to check your balance or transfer funds?  What if you couldn’t log in and pay your bills, make appointments and reservations, even renew your library books?

In light of this, it seems strange that medical records are still largely filed and distributed on paper – especially because having an Electronic Medical Records system, or EMR, as well as a login area for your patients simplifies the process of running a practice for the staff as well as improving the experience for the patients.  Making your practice web accessible through patient portal software from Medical Web Experts will not only build solidarity with existing clientele – its convenient and user-friendly capabilities will attract new patients as well.

A patient portal and EMR-integrated site allows you and your patients to electronically manage:

  • Appointment requests
  • Intake forms
  • Prescription renewal requests
  • Referrals
  • Medical records
  • Secure sending of individual files
  • Secure messaging between doctors and patients
  • And more.

Packages start at just $499 – visit Medical Web Experts’ website for more information on pricing and options.

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June 18, 2010

(June 14, 2010) Kirkland, WA – Medical Web Experts is proud to announce a new product titled “The Physician Solution,” geared directly towards the small private physician practice. This solution helps address the challenges that private practice physicians are currently facing in the wake of the recent Medicare and insurance cutbacks. The product accomplishes this by providing physicians with tools that help them better market their practice and streamline communication between their office and their patients. The Physician Solution is a bundled package that contains three elements that are critical to a physician practice in the current health environment.

The foundation of the package consists of the development of a custom practice website and brand identity. Medical Web Experts brings years of physician web design experience and expertise to each project. They design search engine friendly, high converting custom websites that stand out for their elegant design, useful content, and effectiveness in attracting patients.  The practice is also supported through the establishment of a distinctive brand, creation of a polished and memorable logo, and standard designs for paper-based marketing materials such as brochures, business cards and stationary.

Once a high-converting website has been developed for the practice, Medical Web Experts leverages a number of proven online marketing strategies to help drive traffic to the website. This includes submitting the site to Google Maps, Bing Maps and other popular directories. The practice is also assisted with setting up both Facebook and LinkedIn pages to help attract new patients in these popular social media networks. Medical Web Experts also addresses the growing need for reputation management. Many websites provide incorrect or negative information about physicians; Medical Web Experts assists in correcting this information.

An optional add-on to the package is a web-based patient portal system that facilitates efficient communication between the patient and the physician, offers patient education and provides the patient with electronic access to their medical record.  Medical Web Experts offers two patient portal solutions to choose from: (1) Medical Web Experts’ proprietary patient portal which is designed to be a low-cost and easy-to-use solution and (2) a market-leading solution offered by EliteHealth which features online medical records. Both options integrate into the website to provide the patient with a seamless user experience.

The Physician Solution package is offered in 3 different price levels and 2 different payment plans, with options starting at just $1000 setup and $360/month for 12 months. The patient portal option can be added on for just an additional $500 setup and $50/month thereafter.

“We have a deep understanding of the private practice and the challenges it is facing. The Physician Solution addresses these at the core by providing the practice with more of the type of patients they desire, as well as providing them with additional revenue streams and improving the efficiency of the practice,” states John Deutsch, founder of Medical Web Experts.

Further information about The Physician Solution may be found online at http://www.medicalwebexperts.com/physician_marketing.php
About Medical Web Experts
Medical Web Experts, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Wave Enterprises LLC, is a provider of web solutions for the health industry.  Medical Web Experts specializes in website design, graphic design, internet marketing and patient portal solutions. Further information about Medical Web Experts may be found online at http://www.medicalwebexperts.com or by calling 866-932-9944.

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June 8, 2010

Internet access to one’s important personal information is almost universal nowadays – bank records, stocks, insurance, credit card accounts, auctions, personal letters and information, and shopping are all available simply by logging in at the company’s website.  In an age when even the public library has gone digital, however, medical records are still kept in paper files and are widely unavailable online.  With the empowered patient movement pushing patients to seek more information and choose their healthcare professionals more carefully, it’s important to give them the materials they need to take charge of their own health – and there’s no better way to do that than through a well-designed website.

With a patient portal and EMR-integrated website from Medical Web Experts, you’ll not only use electronic resources to organize medical records and make them available to patients – your patients will have the ability to securely log into an account on your practice’s website and:

  • Make appointments
  • Request referrals
  • Refill prescriptions
  • Manage HIPAA complaints
  • View medical records and history

For more information about patient portal options from Medical Web Experts, pricing, and benefits, visit their website.

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June 8, 2010

(June 8, 2010) Miami Beach, FL – EliteHealth.MD, one of the industry leaders in patient portal technology has officially launched the public beta version of myEliteHealth v2.  This innovative web solution securely connects patients with their physicians via the web, while providing patients with a suite of tools to better manage their healthcare.  Over two years in the making, EliteHealth has successfully completed its alpha and private beta testing phases of the project and transitioned its users from its legacy version to the new version 2. This important milestone signifies the move from its testing phase into a publicly available web solution that any patient or physician can now benefit from.

The myEliteHealth project began in May of 2008 with the assistance of web development group Medical Web Experts. The goal of the project was to build a simple tool for patients to securely access their medical record via the web. The project quickly gained popularity and features such as email e-consultations, patient education, prescription refill and appointment requests were inserted. In June of 2009, development began on a new, enhanced version that  offers all the features of the first version as well as many additional enhancements, including:

– A new interactive user interface
– A health history module for patients to manage important health information such as current medications, allergies, health conditions, recent surgeries and more
– A health tracker module for patients to track daily vitals such as blood pressure and weight
– An e-marketplace for patients to purchase nutraceuticals
– A patient education database with over 70,000 health topics
– A team of health coaches available 24/7 for FREE health advice on topics such as nutrition, weight loss, cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure

EliteHealth.MD also has many original features that will be implemented prior to its official launch in the 3rd quarter of 2010. Some of these features include:

– Live video e-consultations
– A search tool for finding the best prices on prescription drugs within a geographical radius (US-only)
– An enhanced medical records browser
– Interfaces with many of the top EMR software applications

“It’s an extremely exciting time here at EliteHealth as we bring this innovative application to the public eye at a time when its needed most. We know that it will help other physicians to provide better patient care to their patients, just as it has done in our own practice.”, says Steven Schnur, MD, co-founder of EliteHealth.MD

About EliteHealth

EliteHealth.MD, LLC specializes in providing both patient care and health care technology solutions. They are headquartered in Miami Beach, FL and were founded in 2008. With over 40 physicians across the nation, EliteHealth offers its patients an old-fashioned style of care while leveraging the latest technological advancements in healthcare. They are also developers of patient portal technologies for the private practice.

Further information about Elite Health may be found online at www.elitehealth.com
Further information about the myEliteHealth Patient Portal can be found at www.myelitehealth.com

About Medical Web Experts

Medical Web Experts, a wholly owned subsidiary of New Wave Enterprises LLC, are providers of web solutions for the health industry.  Medical Web Experts specializes in website design, graphic design, internet marketing and patient portal solutions. The myEliteHealth patient portal was developed by Medical Web Experts.  Their expertise in healthcare web solutions has brought EliteHealth’s website an added level of professionalism and industry leadership.

Further information about Medical Web Experts may be found online at www.medicalwebexperts.com

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