Legal proceedings are notoriously time-consuming, expensive, and exhausting endeavors for all parties involved.  While manymediation Sydney complex issues have no solution outside of a courtroom, a great many other legal proceedings can be handled out-of-court through mediation.  With mediation Sydney clients can resolve issues in a legally binding way that is both more convenient and less costly.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a way to settle legal matters out of court, often without the need to file a lawsuit or consult with attorneys.  Mediation is carried out between the two disputing parties with the help of a mediator – often an attorney – who specializes in assisting with negotiations and conflict resolution.  In searching for a mediator Sydney clients usually make their selection of a mediator based on their experience in the type of legal matter at hand, such as divorce or business law.

The mediation process is centered on conflict resolution, and it gives both parties the opportunity to come to a solution with the mediator’s expert legal assistance.  Just like litigation, mediation can be a legally binding process – once the two parties reach an agreement, they sign an agreement and its terms can be a legally binding document in court if it is breached.

Why Litigate When You Can Mediate?
The process of hiring an attorney, drawing up and filing a lawsuit, and then attending all required court dates is extremely expensive and time-consuming for both parties.  It can also be very stressful to organize arguments and give testimony about the case, and many legal clients express interest in finding a solution out-of-court.  Mediators often specialize in specific fields of law that give them the expertise needed to help arrange legal agreements in very particular cases; Sydney mediation attorney Dennis Wilson has been practicing law since 1978 and specializes in commercial law, building and construction law, land and business law, and regulatory enforcement.

Though not all legal disputes can be resolved through mediation, it is an excellent choice when both parties are interested in coming to a mutually beneficial agreement outside of the courthouse.  Mediation also saves time, money, and allows the parties involved to come to a decision that they are both satisfied with.  Mediating a legal conflict helps maintain peace and keeps disagreements under control.