New iPad medical apps are making EMR easier than ever to incorporate into a doctor’s office or hospital.  Using tablet computers in an EMR-implemented office allows physicians to access patient records from anywhere in the building withiPad Medical Appsout needing to find a computer, making EMR even more accessible in any room of the clinic.  But EMR consultants agree that iPad medical apps help make healthcare better for both physicians and patients in more ways than one.

Patient Education
Many iPad apps featuring interactive charts and graphics of the human body are available to improve the patient education experience.  Other apps explain medical conditions in-depth, and videos can help patients understand what’s happening in their bodies.  Apps for explaining conditions like heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and stroke are especially useful for general physicians who see health problems in their older patients and are looking for an effective way to help them understand their health problems.  Doctors can even download child-friendly patient education apps to help younger children understand the human body and be more at ease while at the doctor’s office.

Improve Physical Exams
With a tablet computer, you’ll not only have better access to your patients’ medical histories and most recent physical exam scores – you’ll be better equipped to perform a new physical.  Many iPad medical apps contain physical exam score reporting tools and allow you to easily show your patients how they measure up and what precautions they should take to improve their health scores at their next physical.

Chart and Take Notes
You can use the iPad to chart and take notes during an exam, and then save the information directly to a patient’s medical records.  This simplifies the charting process and makes EMR even more straightforward for EMR-integrated medical practices.

Games, Music and More
Use your iPad to put your patients at ease by playing music during the exam.  Letting children play games will help keep them relaxed and unafraid of going to the doctor.