Working out in the gym is fantastic during the cold winter months when exercising outside is impossible.  It’s also great for strength-training anaerobic exercises like weightlifting and Yoga outdoorsPilates.  But it’s important for your health to get in some outdoor time each day – and as most Americans spend nearly all of their day inside the office or in their homes, exercising outside during the spring and summer are great ways to do this.

Next time you’re thinking about going for a jog, skip the treadmill and go for a run in the park.  Here are the top four benefits of exercising outdoors.

1.  Get away from dust-ridden indoor air.  According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, an enormous percentage of health problems can be blamed on poor-quality indoor air.  Mold, pet dander, bacteria, odors, chemical contaminants, and even the humidity level in your home can have a powerful effect on your health and how you feel (without you even realizing it).  The dust kicked up by outdoor allergens, construction, or a tree service Bellevue doesn’t compare.

2.  See some variety.  Tired of staring at the wall for the entire duration of your run (or worse, the sweaty back of the person on the treadmill in front of you)?  Running in the park gives you a huge variety of things to check out while you’re exercising.  Seeing kids climbing trees and other runners jogging or doing yoga is hugely motivating.  Plus, running around a big track versus a stationary piece of equipment gives you more things to look at as well as a greater sense of having really gone for a run.

3.  Boost your mood and self-esteem.  A study at the University of Essex in the UK found that light exercise performed outdoors can elevate your mood and your self-esteem within the first five minutes.  The study participants who saw the most benefit were in the 30-50 age groups, and exercise performed around water (such as along a lakeshore or near a pond in the park) was noted to be the most uplifting place to work out.  It’s an incredibly fast way to get happy and healthy.

4.  Maintain your own green space.  If you have a backyard or shared outdoor space, you can maintain your own little green space to practice yoga, let your kids play, or do any other type of outdoor activity.  For Washington residents, a Bellevue tree removal service or Seattle arborist can help kick off your project.