Many employees when they start working are not informed about workers compensation mainly because the employer fails to properly inform their workers or workers do not think ahead about what could happen if that got hurt or sick on the job.

Workers comp Dallas specialists help their patients understand their rights to coverage to getting proper treatment for injuries sustained while on duty, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, chronic pain, and auto accidents.  After an injury or illness, however, is not always the best time to get informed about the benefits that are and should be available to you as an employee.

It is very important to take precautionary measures and get information as soon as possible from your employer about the insurance plan and coverage that is provided. Some of the following actions can help you best prepare you and your family in the event of a work-related accident:

  1. Ask your employer to explain your company’s coverage policy
  2. Find out what the injury reporting procedure is with your employer to ensure that can properly document the event.
  3. Keep in mind that any disorderly conduct or drunkenness at work can be used against in the event of an injury claim

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