The first signs of aging are typically fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, and these lines often remain the most outward and visible sign of aging.  Eyes can be the most visually aging feature of a face – even if the person doesn’t realize it about themselves.

Many women and men interested in a youthful and revitalized appearance are surprised to hear that their eyes age them the most, but they’re also pleased with the potential results of an eyelid surgery.  There are a range of different procedures to solve different problems.  Upper eyelid surgeries can be used to remove excess skin and tissue, tightening the appearance and removing lines and wrinkles.  Lower eyelid surgery is often performed through an incision inside the lower eyelid – this allows the surgeon to remove excess fat from inside the skin that causes a puffy and tired appearance.  Many doctors use this technique in conjunction with laser treatments to tighten the skin.  As the scar is inside the eyelid, it will be invisible.  The scar from an upper eyelid surgery will remain hidden in the crease of the eyelid and will be nearly invisible.

This is an excellent treatment for excess skin around the eyes, droopiness, sagging, bags under the eyes, lower eyelid droopiness, and loose skin.  For men and women interested in plastic surgery Charleston eyelid surgeon Dr. Galin Spicer boasts years of cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery experience in a friendly and welcoming office environment.  For more information or to book a consultation, visit Charleston Eyeworx online.