It’s the end of the summer.  You’ve been outside for three months – swimming, surfing, jogging, or just soaking up the sun – and without proper skincare, the sun’s harmful UV rays can cause significant damage to your skin.  Overexposure to UV light can cause sunburn, wrinkles, loss of skin tightness, marks, and skin cancer.

The aesthetic effects of UV exposure will be most visible around the eyes – the part of the face that ages you the most.  Luckily, taking proper care of your skin during the summer months is easy.

  1. Wear sunscreen. Apply liberally to all uncovered areas, and reapply ever few hours.  Protect sensitive skin with a higher SPF.
  2. Wear protective clothing, such as long sleeves or a hat with a brim.
  3. Stay indoors during the early afternoon hours, while the sun is shining directly overhead.
  4. Take the same precautions on cloudy days – the sun’s rays are shining equally strong and UV light can penetrate cloud cover.

If your eyes have already seen significant sun damage and you’re considering dermatological treatments or plastic surgery Charleston’s Dr. Gale Spicer can help.  Her practice, Charleston Eyeworx, serves a variety of eye conditions – with reconstructive surgeries, aesthetic procedures, and non-surgical treatments, patients are certain to find a solution for any concern.

Take care of your skin – and visit Dr. Spicer online for more information about looking younger in spite of the sun.